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Los Angeles based Reiki Master, assisting men, women, and children in letting go of the beliefs society has ingrained in them and is guiding all to remember that they are innately empowered to heal themselves emotionally, physically and spiritually which will facilitate healing within their loved ones and society as a whole.

Unconscious Bias Coaching


Providing individual or group coaching sessions to enhance conscious awareness, empathy, and inclusivity within both individuals and organizations. This coaching approach aims to reveal hidden biases that fuel systemic inequalities and impede progress towards diversity and inclusion.

Each chakra resonates with a particular frequency of vibration. Chakras are balanced by inviting them back to their natural state of vibration & frequency.

During Raindrop Therapy essential oils are dropped onto the spine and massaged along the vertebrae to bring the body into structural and electrical alignment

Reflexology is the application of pressure to thousands of pinhead-sized reflex points relating to the different organs, functions, and parts of the body.

Reiki is administered by placing the hands on or above the body.  Reiki is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. 

Explore our range of health and wellness services including energy therapies, unconscious Bias Coach intuitive wellness coaching, and motivational classes.


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“You bring into your life experience the thoughts you most focus upon in your mind.  When you learn to forgive past hurts and harmful encounters you are instead able to demonstrate and feel your love, exactly as you are. You are here to love and to be loved. 

First, fall in love with YOU!"

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Dive deeper with
    Intuitive  Welnessness  Coaching

Anyone who knows me is aware that I believe there is nothing more important than the intuitive, inner voice that guides and directs every aspect of our lives.  It provides the answer to every question and is the catalyst for healing on every level.   


We first must remember that there is another voice speaking from within, beyond our history, our beliefs and our experiences, which are the cause of the mind chatter in our heads.  We then must be willing to give that inner voice priority, focus, and well-deserved trust.   


I’m excited about assisting others in learning to listen for and follow the guidance given.  Because most are not taught to listen, the guidance is not recognized. 

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Resurrecting The Muse

There has never been a more important time in history for women to honor the significance of being born female. "Resurrecting the Muse" inspires a mandatory awakening in Woman to embrace the fullness of her nature as inspiration and motivation for all of humankind; for men, children and each other.

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Silence Between

the Thoughts

It takes courage to be human.  We are born into physical form covered in everyone’s beliefs; inundated until they become our own.




When children are young, they tend to be drawn to other children. This magnetism isn’t influenced by skin color, attraction, etc. 

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Into Fear

It seems every human being experiences fear. Behind that fear, for each of us, is some connection with worthiness and value.

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The tuning fork session with Francesca helped me "tune in" to the openings, as well as the blockages that were helpful and hindering in my life. Francesca is great channel through which The Source communicates through..I have been and will continue to be a long-time supporter of the healing she facilitates. Much Respect & Love!!


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