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Silence Between the Thoughts

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

It takes courage to be human.  We are born into physical form covered in everyone’s beliefs; inundated until they become our own.  These beliefs exist as thoughts circulating around, in and through our minds: nonstop.  Sometimes they speak very loudly.  Sometimes they are nagging.  Sometimes we just know they are present.

It is important to allow the quieting of thought.  If not, we will never really know the authentic nature of Self.  You won’t know who you are outside of what everyone wants you to be.   We’ve accepted this incarnation into human realm to be the example of all the goodness, harmony, balance, prosperity, peace and joy that we know our Creator to be.  We are Its representative in human form.  Yet, we live disconnected from what we claim this Creative Intelligence to be as if we are separate from Its nature. This could not be further from the Truth.  We are intended to be Its visible display on the canvas of Life.  From inside of us we know that something greater is being called which is why we can become depressed and disheartened when we are unable to make the changes that we desire.  And still, because we do not know how to make the change, we continue to be pulled by our thoughts and beliefs taunting us, “Who do you think you are? How can you possibly achieve such heights?  You’ll never be able to do that!”  If we REALLY believed these thoughts to be true they wouldn’t bother us. How many times have you heard it?  “You were born for greatness.”  Yes, you!   Inside we know. 

One day you find the courage and determination to make a change; to do life differently.  You seek advice from a more “enlightened” person.  They tell you to MEDITATE!  You search to find another solution that doesn’t involve this meditation technique because, “I CAN’T MEDITATE!”  You can take all the classes, listen to all the speakers, read every book, but until you establish your own method of inner attunement, there’s only so much change that you can experience.  The reason every guru, mystic, visionary, spiritual teacher says to meditate is because it is Truly the path to embracing the life that you know is calling you.  Meditation is certain to bring to you a greater alignment with ease and more significant expression of courage and confidence.  There is nothing outside of you that can bring to your life the sense of adventure that is Life’s intention the way that conscious alignment with your inner self will.  In the process of mediation we try to listen deeply and push the thoughts away and it can seem an impossible task.  There are many methods of meditation.  If your method is not working for you, I invite you to try the one below.

Determine what amount of time you are able to commit to this practice.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to sit quietly.

Notice what’s present around you (sounds, any physical sensations, etc.)

Thoughts will come to you.

Make no attempt to have the thoughts go away.

Realize the similarity of thoughts and speech.  (The similar way in which they flow.)

Notice that there are pauses between the thoughts just as when you speak.

Allow your attention to go more to the empty silent space between the thoughts.


Favor the silent spaces between the thoughts.  Let them have your focus.

Realize that the thoughts still come while your attention is more focused on the silent space between the thoughts.

Experience the thoughts as background to the silence.

The silence has your attention.


If you become absorbed in the thoughts recognize it and re-focus on the silence.

Establish the discipline to sit in this manner for a period of time each day.  It doesn’t need to take long.

As you are moving through your day recognize that the silent space is always right there between your thoughts and in the midst of your busyness.

Perhaps, you will fid that this method gives the mind a place to go rather than being in the chatter.  With the thoughts in the background there’s a greater feeling of the silence and greater opportunity to hear its messages in your active time.  You will find that it provides for you the practice of focusing on what you desire rather than what you do not, much like you are taught in the Law of Attraction.  The silence will make itself more available to you because you have placed your attention there.  There’s no right or wrong, just a shift in awareness.  Enjoy!


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