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“When White Folks Catch a Cold, Black Folks Get Pneumonia.”

Certainly, you’ve noticed that there’s a mental health crisis in this country. People are suffering from anxiety, depression, and feelings of hopelessness more than I’ve ever seen. In fact, suicide is one of the leading causes of death in our country, according to the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

More and more people are emotionally, or mentally ill, in situations of stress, frustration, physical, emotional, and mental collapse. Those most impacted, according to a study by Boston University, are adults with lower incomes. The findings underscore the inextricable link between the pandemic and the short-and long-term impact it will have on mental health in the US and beyond.

What can we do about it?

  1. Having a practice of meditation relieves stress and brings greater clarity while enhancing your ability to hear intuitive guidance.

  2. Pranayama, breathwork, keeps your energy body in movement. Moving, flowing energy is mandatory to sustain health on all levels.

  3. Eating high vibration foods sustains the vehicle. Sometimes one thinks they have no access to healthy; yet, tasty foods, but they are all around. Each of these roads leads to greater mental health

If you don’t feel the discipline to do it yourself;

Reiki can get you there!

Reiki can assist in taking you there and accelerating your trip to greater mental health relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as chronic pain, which can intensify those symptoms of depression.

When the pandemic very first hit, on the very first day of lockdown, I was really; really, excited. I spoke out loud, “Goddess, you brought the entire world together to recognize that our bodies are temples! You brought the entire world together to focus on our health and well-being!” I even posted about it on March 13, 2021. And then I looked around and realized, “That is not what is happening!!!” People were looking outside, listening outside. Now, two years later, we are losing the most essential workers in this country; our teachers and our nurses. Are we getting the message yet??? We must care for ourselves and remain aligned with our wellness.

It is time for us to listen more within than without. Inner guidance assists you in knowing everything that you could possibly need to know. It will teach you what you must know to be successful in life. It will help you to know what your body requires for its mental balance, its physical balance, its emotional balance.

If you aren’t practicing meditation of some sort, because all meditation does not look alike. All meditation does not require you to sit in the lotus position for an hour. However, if you aren’t doing something that moves you inward and allows you to connect with an inner healing and an inner knowing you might get lost in the shuffle. The time is now!

Beginning now through the end of April I am offering Reiki and Wellness Coaching sessions (in person or remotely) on a sliding scale to those in need of financial assistance.

No person will be denied service due to an individual’s inability to pay.

Please contact me. I wish to be of service to you.

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