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Intuitive  Wellness Coaching

I'm here to suggest to you that you are doing nothing wrong. Old beliefs operate whether you realize it or not.  Guided by my intuition I can assist you in becoming aware of what beliefs are operating and understanding what is not your Truth.  You can then let go of limiting beliefs that do not serve your desired growth and expansion.

In an Intuitive  Wellness Coaching session, I provide life-enhancing support to my clients.  I am not acting as an advisor or therapist.  I give guidance, as received through my intuitive awareness only, through teaching you to live in alignment and flow with the laws of nature.  My intention is to motivate my clients to have greater self-care physically, spiritually and emotionally.  This form of coaching assists you, the client, in living the life that is calling to you.  You gently ease away from repeating old patterning that no longer serves your highest calling.  In other words, I will assist you in realizing and manifesting your dreams and desires. I will assist you in hearing the guidance within you.



 Clients come for private sessions for the most part because something is occurring in their lives in a way that they do not want.  They've found that a repeated pattern continues to be present even when they believe they have found the key to releasing that pattern.  They experience their desires as elusive.  Other clients come to continue with a pattern of growth that they recognize as beneficial.  Through coaching they further embody behaviors they have identified as life enhancing.  Our beliefs, just like everything in nature, carry a vibration.  The expressed pattern of vibration, stemming from beliefs creates situations and occurrences.  Our beliefs are sometimes very obvious.  Frequently, however, those beliefs are hidden in the shadows of the mind.  Together we discover the hidden beliefs and change them causing new life results.   

Flow is required in every aspect of life.  


All of nature lives in flow with what occurs around it.

Living in flow requires recognizing that in all occurrences nothing is actually being done to you.

We are created as human beings. We behave as humans doing. Humankind tends to believe that we have control over our environment.  Other forces of nature seem to simply move with the rhythmical pattern existent in the environment.

 I will help you embody beneficial beliefs that are in alignment with what you are calling forth in your life.  I do this by asking thought-provoking questions.  I do not have your answers, but I can help you find them inside of your intuitive self.  Sometimes you are given growth work to do between sessions.  This growth work makes you recognize what is actually true for you - as opposed to a belief of someone else's that you've unconsciously taken as being true for you.  I assist you in remembering your innate, inner nature, which is the only voice that will guide you to your greater expression of good.  I give tools to assist growth.  It is up to the client to utilize those tools and experience the full embrace of desires.

We take on non-beneficial beliefs in childhood.   Children are under the control of the people in their world, who love and care for them. Our families, teachers and society tell us what is "right and wrong".  We are told how to speak, behave, dress and think.  These demands are often counter to what our inner being feels is best.  However, we are the young ones being trained by the folks who have been around the sun years longer than we.  We begin to take parts of ourselves that feel unattractive, wrong or unworthy and push them deep into our physical and emotional bodies.  This stops up the energetic flow lowering the vibration. So much so that even when we try to believe something different we have the same unwanted situations and occurrences appear and we wonder what we are doing wrong.  

Frequently dialoguing in the presence of a facilitator can help a couple or family members to see from the other's perspective and have greater understanding and acceptance.

I will assist you in Remembering  to  Remember

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