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What if it were true-what if you were created from a substance that is all things good Wha

We human beings are always busying ourselves trying to reach this goal; trying to accomplish that task; trying to attain enlightenment. When, in fact, all there is to do is BE STILL and know the Truth of your Being. That truth is felt at the very core. It is our essence. We feel our True essence, our nature, in the stillness.

It seems that there comes a point in the life of the human that we forget that we are in fact, Spiritual Beings having human experiences. We begin to think that our little truths-those things that our thinking perceives to be important-are the focal point. Our accomplishments begin to define us. We succumb to programming and conditioning. 


Truthfully, "things" are not who and what we are. We are qualities... love, peace, joy, compassion, etc.


When we are connected with those qualities and allow them to be revealed through our lives, we reflect our true nature.

Through this teaching you will practice several forms of meditation, gaining the understanding that there is no right or wrong. What is important is that you carve out time on a regular, disciplined basis with the intention of giving up control
to listen
even if you hear nothing.

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