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You need not look far to learn Black History. It is American History, in a darker hue, existent all around you. Have an unprecedented conversation with a Black person!

I was born a “Colored” girl in the early 50’s. From there at some point, we became “Negroes” I was in my 60’s the first and only time I was called the N-word, that is, to my face. Then came Black Power and when proudly took the name, “Black,” in the late sixties. Ooh, I blasted James Brown's "I'm Black and I'm Proud!" In the late '80s the label, “African American" came into play as a connector to our land of origin and disconnection from color identification. Today, by my choosing, I am “Native Black.”

My middle-class, two-parent, three children, Negro, Cadillac driving, family, was well-dressed and well-fed, although my Daddy had no more than an 8th-grade education.

Chester was a well-respected, intelligent, proud, fun-loving, man, who deeply cared for his family. A sudden heart attack, from the stress of living as a Black man in America, took him from us way too young at the age of 42. Ruby was the first Queen of the "Colored" Mardi Gras parade and lived to the ripe age of 97.

I am the youngest of the three children and the first in my immediate family to graduate from University (an HBCU, no doubt). Always in Corporate America, I was the only or one of a very few. I never felt less-than, although I longed to see others like me. I couldn't wait to go home, take off that corporate cloak and be amongst my people. The whitewashed world was the choice we were given if we wanted to "make it." I observed well and learned the ways of the “White Boys Club.” I won awards for them because Black folks shine that way when we allow our Crowns to show. My family taught me to wear my crown. It sat perched atop my locs (dreadlocks) in lily-white Denver, Colorado during a time when others were afraid they didn’t have permission to wear their culture with pride.

Yes, I code switched well through a racist world with pink flesh-colored crayons. Now, as an Energy Therapist and Intuitive Wellness Coach, I harness the magic of my ancestors. I am supported by them each and every day. I champion my Black brothers and sisters because no matter what our circumstances, through the grace of Goddess, we survive. After hundreds of years of attempting to extinguish us, we thrive! They can attempt to hide our history and change it to say we were workers, not slaves. (wtf!!). However, truth always comes to Light, and STILL, WE RISE!

What's Your Black History Story?


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