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Create Positive Change Through Education and Action

Embracing Diversity and Creating Change: A Journey to Racial Justice

6 weeks/2 hours/week
Uniting Communities
for an Equitable and Inclusive Future

Join Francesca James for an empowering and inclusive learning experience, as she encourages the hearts and minds of white people to actively participate in racial transformation. 

  • This class offers a safe and welcoming environment to explore the importance of diversity, equity, and racial justice.

  • A transformative course designed to foster a deeper understanding of racial justice issues while providing actionable strategies to promote inclusivity and equality.

  • Through open dialogue and respectful conversations, we create a space where all voices are heard and valued.



Embracing Diversity and Creating Change:

The power of collective action

creates a future

where EVERYONE can thrive.

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Until every Black person in America is allowed to experience life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, 

as our Creator intended, for the enjoyment of all,

there can be no peace.

Embracing Diversity and Creating Change: A Journey to Racial Justice


comfTTort to Action


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Tradeswoman Advocate / Construction Professional / Licensed Electrician / Mentor / Coach / Doing my part to leave the Construction Industry better than I found it

This past Tuesday I participated in the last of 6 sessions of Francesca James, "Embracing Diversity" class. I connected with Francesca on LinkedIn a few months prior. We would comment on or react to each other's posts.

Francesca then invited me to participate in her Embracing Diversity class. At first I was hesitant to sign up, in part because I already had a full schedule, but also because I honestly didn't think I would get much out of it. I could not have been more mistaken.

I had already been "doing the work" of learning about systemic racism, challenging beliefs I grew up with, and just generally working to be anti-racist.

I had pieces of information I had learned over time. Francesca helped put all those pieces together to better understand the big picture. There were several times when my jaw dropped over the shock of what she shared. As much as I was shocked, it also explained so much.

I highly recommend Francesca's Embracing Diversity class. Her passion and compassion are evident in everything she does. She will challenge you and your beliefs, and make you consider things in ways you haven't before.


Managing Director of Sales and Employing Broker, Compass Colorado

Francesca, I truly appreciate your time with our group, and truly elevating my awareness around racism.  I learned so much from you, and am touched with the strength and empathy in which you approach teaching this important topic.  I am sure I will still fumble where I'm not comfortable, but you truly have given me an awareness and attention to where I truly can be a partner to stop racism.  Thank you so very much!


Branch Manager at Compass

"I have never considered myself a racist. In fact, I believed I had fought and continued to fight to help eradicate it wherever it lives. I took Francesca's class with the expectation of reinforcing what I already knew and practiced. In truth, I did not actually think I was going to learn anything new, per se, since I have made great efforts to read and educate myself about the struggles and inequities that African Americans face. This, however, could not be farther from the truth. Francesca's class helped me see that a racist isn't only someone who openly and freely expresses their racist beliefs. Those individuals, although dangerous, are easy to condemn and be appalled by their behavior. I learned that the true threat to eradicating racism are people like me and those that don't believe themselves to be racist at all and don't recognize their own internal bias. Francesca's class made me look inside myself to find where those racist thoughts still lived, recognize them, and how to take action to fix them internally and encouraged us to take that action to our community. Thank you Francesca for being such an amazing leader and teacher."


Regional President

Compass Seattle, Eastside, & Greater Puget Sound

Thank you so much for creating this program and helping all of us increase our awareness and impact. I came away feeling better informed, equipped, and inspired. I am thankful for your efforts to make a difference for all of us. Take care,

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