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Liberating Woman Empowering Your Voice (

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Women possess inherent power, capable of spellbinding effortlessly. We bring forth magic, materializing dreams through our very essence. Such is the innate design of Woman.


However, boundaries are imposed upon women, demanding that we sacrifice our needs for the benefit of the "greater good."


Society has molded women to adhere to its goals. Once we recognize this societal conditioning, we can break free from the programming.

Empowering Your Voice

The United States wasn't built with women in mind. Its inception was by men, for men, and its governance still predominantly serves male interests. 

Throughout history, various forces such as traditional gender roles, religious teachings, economic structures, and political beliefs have influenced how women are viewed and expected to behave in American society.  The media, our educational system, and family dynamics play a part in reinforcing these gender expectations.

Women have operated from an unconscious connection to these gender roles.  

What will happen when we become conscious and use our Consciousness to replace the old-school gender roles with a realization of our intrinsic nature and aspired role as Woman? 


When Woman is Liberated from her past programming and remembers her core characteristics, her voice is empowered, resulting in Woman being uplifted. Therefore, she uplifts those around her.

Oh, The Places We'll Go!

Let’s Play Together

Sunday 5/19/24 8:30- 9:30 am PST 


Thursday 5/23/24 4:30- 5:30 pm PST via Zoom link

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