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This Zoom class serves as a journey inward, providing you, Woman, the opportunity to unearth the fundamental Truth of your identity as a woman — your intrinsic self, liberated from external influences.

Awakening Intuition:
Harnessing Your Intuitive Potential to Shape Your World

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"I believe that we have been gifted with nothing more important than our
intuitive voice."  


"Awakening Intuition
Harnessing Your Intuitive Power
to Shape Your World."


Sundays, 3/24-4/21/24
8:00-9:30 am PST


Tell me a day and time that works for you and I will schedule a class around your needs.


Via Zoom

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Facilitated by Francesca James

It is incumbent upon Woman to move from the formularized, programmed outwardly focused expression of her empowerment to the essential expression, the sacredness, only found within. It is time to reclaim the power of Woman for the sake of our lives, our bodies, our children, our men, and our world. 

Within a span of five weeks, you will acquire the knowledge and skills
required to identify and trust your inner guidance.


“Wow, all I know is that I was supposed to meet you, I was supposed to read your book (more than once) to resurrect my inner muse and do what God intended for my life.  I feel a renewed sense of belief in my feminism, more encouraged about working for the betterment of women...I feel excited about being even more authentic, even when I am afraid of how it will be received. It is my duty to be the full expression of who I am...sharing truth with love and intention.


I highly recommend taking Francesca's class on intuition. I gained a lot of insights I didn't realize before. I am grateful for her guidance and wisdom and am now more confident in tapping into these qualities within myself. The group of women she attracts is also extremely supportive. It's time and money well spent.


The timing of this class, and how strongly it has spoken to me, and confirmed the depth of my intuition and spiritual grounding has been profound. I see so much of who l've grown into in this class.

Grateful .

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