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The female of our species is the predominant conveyor of feminine energy. She is wired in a way that is different from Man. Woman's wiring causes her to consider the needs and desires of her family, her community, her society-at-large, and her personal desires. The recognition, reawakening and resurrection of Woman's balanced self is mandatory and is the intention behind every class, workshop, retreat, circle, special event and counseling session facilitated by Francesca. 

The competitive, assertive, intellectual way of being is so in demand in our lives that it trumps the intuitive, creative, compassionate part of us that is counted on and needed by humanity. For this reason Women’s Circles are being created all over our society. It is evident that we live in a world that is overrun with masculine energy. That way of living had its purpose.  However, to move forward in a more peaceful existence where we understand that war is, in fact, NOT the answer, we must balance our masculine energy with our feminine energy.


Francesca facilitates several Women's Circles and is happy to get you started with one of your own. It is required in the new social order that women come together with other women. Only another woman can fully comprehend the innate nature that is Woman. We must remind each other to bring that feminine aspect back into interaction with the masculine aspect of ourselves. We must teach each other how.

Woman must remember to remember:
Who you are, innately, is needed in the world.
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