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Deconstructing Racism: 

Unearthing the Roots of our Educational System

January 11, 2020, 2-6 pm 

Willie Agee Playhouse fka Inglewood Playhouse

Profiling, stereotyping, discrimination, classism, social disparity, prejudice, and more all fall under the ugly word which has historically served to disenfranchise our nation’s cultural groups; racism. This centuries-strong nail in the coffin of society still exists today, perpetuating the very factors which hold us back from true progress, true unity.


This interactive forum, acts as an instrument of change, an outlet to shed light on the history of racism, its construct, how to deconstruct the “White Dream” and how to pave a way for our nation to move forward, while allowing you to share your thoughts and reservations in a safe and constructive environment. Whether personally faced with these issues or you know someone who is, we are all affected by racism and should all be encouraged to participate in this conversation.

Together we can transform racism.



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