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We have it backwards.  We live in the belief that we must have the evidence of something before we acknowledge the reality of its existence.  Well, that doesn’t work very well if your intention is to co-create desires and dreams. When you are creating newness you can’t know what it looks like because… it’s new!  Trust Creator to show you.

Trusting means letting go of the notion that we have all the answers and can “figure it out”; whatever the it is that we think needs figuring.  When we are creating our desires and allowing our dreams we are simply being asked to take a concrete step toward the desire.  That’s what that saying means, “step out on faith”.  We are giving evidence to what is currently unseen by stepping toward it.  That means when you have an intuitive hit to do something that might make absolutely no sense to you; do it anyway.  It is at that point that the Universe aligns to give you what you want.  Until then, Creative Intelligence is minding Its business.  When that step is taken it creates a vibration through which creation happens. 

One of my favorite quotes is from Michael Bernard Beckwith, “When you believe more in what you don’t see than what you do see, what you do see you won’t see and what you don’t see you will see.”  Get it?! 

Stop focusing on what is “wrong, missing, limited” in your life.  Place your focus on what it is that you desire.   Through focus our feelings are created and our vibration established.   We bring situations and circumstances into our lives through our vibration; the place where we put our attention.

In the beginning when you came into existence through the creative process called birth the woman who carried you in her womb had nothing to do with the details of creating you.  Intuitively she was told what to eat, when to sleep, what was required of her.  She was given the concrete steps to take.  The creation took place, however, without much need for her input.  She was the vessel for birthing the dream called you.  It is true with all creative endeavors; all new dreams and desires.  We catch the vision through which the seed is planted.  We allow the growth to take place by accepting the certainty of it.  From time to time we get an intuitive hit, the concrete step, which must be followed immediately in order to move forward smoothly.  When we ignore the steps given all hell just might break out because the Universal Presence always desires your attention.  When you take your sight off of It and attempt to step in and take over the creative process you just might receive a slap on the hands as a reminder that you are not intended to be in charge.  Keep in mind that the Universal Presence is ALWAYS creating, aligning the moon and the stars to give you exactly what you desire; exactly what It desires to be as you.  Trust!

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