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The Face of God


I pulled my mirrored compact out today, opened it up and looked into it because I needed to see God’s face.  Frequently we say that we see God in everything and everyone around us.  We say God is in every situation and that everyone with whom we speak is a representative of God.  I’m consciously aware most of the time, but sometimes I need to be strengthened in my conviction and to feel a greater sense of empowerment, a deeper understanding, that what I believe to be true is actually True.  I need to first recognize God as me if I am to fully embrace God as all.

Sometimes life throws me a curve ball and I need something to grasp onto that reminds me that physical manifestation of my desires and my dreams takes place not in my time, but in God’s time.  God is at the helm of all of Life and timing is Divine.  This means that simply because I’ve caught a vision doesn’t mean that the vision is ready to be in physical form quite yet.  It means that I am being refined, made ready, brought into vibrational alignment with the vision.  I’m usually given a greater understanding of what the vision means for me and what it means to Life during the in-between times.  In those times I can open my mirrored compact and look into my eyes and know that I see God right there, up close in front of me.  It warms my heart.  It truly gives me comfort because I can put a face on God.  I put a face with the name of Goddess.   I put a face to the name of Creator.  The beautiful thing is that the face is the same face that I wear.  It helps me remember I am here so that God can be seen in physical form.  I’m a co-creator of Life.  So, when I open that mirror and look into my eyes seeing my face, it really does bring me some comfort.  I become more deeply connected to the unintelligible idea that something formless has moved itself into form and it looks like me.  It created me in form and uses me as Its co-creator in the physical realm.  I need only listen to know what I am to co-create, to be in the flow of its timing and to feel the certainty of it’s physical.

I can look into my eyes and match the vibration of God by seeing in the mirror what I would expect God’s expression to be.  I imagine God always wearing a smile.  I suppose God’s eyes would have a feel of lightheartedness, a playfulness; never a wrinkled brow of worry.  I can notice if I have the look of worry on my brow or if my eyes sparkle the way that I would envision God’s eyes would shine brightly.  Just by taking that shift when I look into my eyes I up level my vibration.  I can do that anytime I think about it.  I look into my eyes and I am consciously aware that I am looking at God.  I make my vibration match the level of the vibration of what I know is True about that which looks at me through my eyes.  There is ease there and flow, effortlessness, joy.  So I change the look in my eyes matching the vibration of creation.  I feel through my eyes even more than seeing, I feel.  In this manner my dreams are made real more easily. 

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