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The intricately patterned pathway, that is your life, will unfold right before your eyes, one inner-focused step at a time. ⠀

Staying the course requires living in the NOW moment.⠀

We live in a very fast-paced, impatient society. Fast-paced living means that one is living attached to the future. The need to hurry to get to this location, completing this project, this relationship, that traffic light , etc, hijacks ones focus. When life is attached to future outcomes life remains in the future. There is no connection to the goodness that exists NOW. ⠀

When your dreams and desires are felt right now, in present moment, you are in creation mode. It’s happening right now through the power of your feelings attached to your knowing. When you are steadfast in your knowing you don’t have the need to change it up or do it differently. You bend and twist with the turns. You rise above what seems to be obstacles because your Inner Guidance takes you where you need to be in Its time and in Its way. You trust.

To Stay the Course means to remain on the path given by inner guidance. You might intellectually believe you have a better idea, but if it is not clearly aligned with your guidance, place it on the back burner for a while.⠀

“Stay the Course!” Trust your inner guidance. Allow it to prove Itself to you. I promise you it will.

Have you ever walked a labyrinth? It’s a form of meditation that requires trust. You can stand at the entryway looking the labyrinth over, searching it with your eyes for an immeasurable amount of time. You will never figure out how to get from the entry to the center unless you move through the course, taking one step at a time. This trust walk brings you internal; aligning your body, mind and spirit.  You will find, as you stay the course, that this intricately patterned pathway unfolds right before your eyes.  The practice is to let go of your intellect because it cannot guide you to the center.  Even if you begin to experience some degree of frustration and want to turn back there really is no turning back.  Even if you opt for the backward move you must, still, take one step at a time watching the elaborate journey unfold.  When you continue to take each forward moving step you realize that the pathway is guiding you.  It requires nothing of you except to stay tuned-in and follow, one foot after the other.  Now, certainly, you can walk over all the intricate lines and exit. But, what would that accomplish in your life?  Throwing up your hands, giving up, yielding to the mind's chatter takes you in the opposite direction of your desire.  Sometimes I wish I could replace my "blindfold" and pretend.  I would let go of my level of enlightenment and intuitive voice to be complacent in my ignorance if that were possible on occasion.  However, there are no bypasses on this pathway to greater awareness, greater consciousness, evolution and expansion. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”.  Oh, how I sometimes wish it were possible.  Fortunately, it is not an option. The good thing is that by walking the journey step-by-step you are taken into a depth of your inner being with which you would never have become familiar.  Staying the course, no matter how long and involved is an opportunity for you to know that you have something that is guiding and directing you always, in all ways. It is an opportunity to recognize that your life is supported even when you don't know the where and the how. What a wonderful adventure is this thing called life.

Such is the way of growth and expansion.  We are invited to stay the course when a vision is pulling us. We move into the arena of knowing ourselves consciously, of knowing our true make-up.   In order to stay the course we must trust . Newness is being revealed step by step, by step, by step.  Sometimes it feels that moving from where you're standing to the vision that is calling you toward it is never ending. It is requiring you to remain so anchored in the Truth that you know it is as familiar as the sound of your voice, as close as your heartbeat, as available as your breath. You become intimately familiar with Self on the path, dependant  upon your inner world unwaveringly. Trust and stay the course. This progression of enlightenment is certainly not for the faint of heart! Yet, eventually you see there is light at the end of the tunnel. What joy it brings to your being to know that something that you've called forth, something that has been calling to you, is right there in your reach.  Even then, what is required remains the same.  You must continue, step-by-step, to walk into the light. 


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