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No Excuses!

Over and over we say to ourselves, “I don’t know how, I can’t, I would but…” Enough already!!!

How often have you had this experience?  You have a great idea, perhaps for a new business endeavor.  It’s the perfect thing.  You’re certain!  You think about it repeatedly while believing that you don’t know how to make it happen.  Then weeks have gone by and you’ve done nothing to create it.   After a while it was “just another good idea”.  It sits on the backburner of your mind and eventually fizzles into the background of your life.  Excuses, excuses!  The truth is you aren’t given an idea that doesn’t have all the answers wrapped up with it.  When you are creating something new, you have to flow with it one step at a time.  If you don’t take the first step, or take nothing beyond the first step, your dreams will soon fade to black.  It’s not because you couldn’t.  It’s because you wouldn’t.

When you receive ideas they usually come as broad strokes.  There’s a big picture that is shown to you.  I use those words, “shown to you” for a reason.  It’s not your idea.  The ideas I’m speaking of don’t come from your thought process.  They are the Light bulb that suddenly turns on.  You receive an idea in the form of a big picture to get you engaged with it.  That usually works.  You’ll find yourself excited about the possibility.  Once that big picture has been shown there is one small step that is given:  One small step.  Sometimes you see the step, but become attached to knowing what other steps are to follow.  How do I do everything needed to bring my idea into physical form?  Who do I need to connect with?  How do I market it once it’s created?  I suggest you take your eyes off the big picture.  Set your focus on the one step.  Take it!  Once you take that step another step, maybe two, will be shown to you.  Take them!  The steps are always easy.  What makes it difficult is that relentless need to know something that you CANNOT know.  We move our attention far into the future where we cannot see.  Some things we are not meant to know in advance.  We are always being asked to step out on faith.  No, it’s not easy, but it is quite simple.  You simply have to keep expecting a step, identifying it as inner guidance not mental gymnastics and taking it without hesitating.  This life is an adventure lived one-step-at a time.   You will never really know the why or how except as it is revealed after taking that one step that leads to the next and the next.  One day you look back and see how you’ve made progress in ways you could never have imagined and definitely never would have “thought up”.

What we sometimes fail to understand is that those big ideas that you’re not stepping into will affect other areas of your life that seems completely unrelated because your attention is being called and you aren’t listening.  Your attention is always being called.  You must take the guidance given and the steps shown.  They are not our ideas.  Evidenced by the fact that we receive them without mental process.  They are the idea of the Higher Power that lives through our existence.  It’s urging us to co-create.

The times in we’re living through require our focused awareness on intuition.  We are creating newness at a rapid pace.  Since it is new it is unfamiliar, unknown.  To co-create with the Creator of Life requires focused listening.  It requires following guidance.  Our overuse of competition, logic, and control has gotten us into some pretty interesting places.  Let’s do it differently this time.  You can start right now by remembering that you are here to exemplify peace, harmony, balance, joy, abundance, wealth.  You know; all the Goodness of Life.  The simplest way to do that is listen and follow one step at a time.  Ah, Life lead by Spirit is an adve

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