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What cha gonna do?

I've read many posts, watched many videos and have had many conversations.  I hear the fear in your words and watch as it flashes  in your eyes.  yet, what we are seeing is not something that is new.  This level of hatred has been sitting right there in the shadows just beyond your view.  What's the quote?  The truth will come to the light.  What is done in the dark will come to light.   There is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed.  Well, voila!  Let there be Light. This visible level of racism and hatred has existed all of my life/all of your lives. Now there is exposure.   Remembering that light shines its brightest next to darkness and it is in the darkest hour that we must squint to see the Light.  Squint with me, please.  

Purging is the only way out.  Perhaps, we can shift our perspective.  Perhaps, our love, not our fear is needed in order to move us through this horrific detox.  I find it interesting that people are in such fear now because they can see what has always been there.  What is it that has brought out the fear?  Were we in disbelief because we know that human is made from kindness, love and compassion?  All along I've said that I'm grateful to Donald Trump for shining light on the racism and hatred, which was believed by many not to be as prevalent as it is.  The evidence has become crystal clear.  The question now is, what are you going to do with this awareness?

I take this exposure as a positive thing.  I believe the higher intention is to bring us closer to Goddess, the creator of life.  I believe she is calling us closer to her embrace.  There we may suckle from the love and nourishment that has always existed.  We've allowed outside control to determine where we place our focus.  We've been entertained to the level of complete distraction.  The  clarity I am receiving  on the part I am to play involves my greater focus within.  I stand as one who is not in fear.  It is no benefit for me to live in the vibration from which abuse is taking place.  I stand as one who loves all forms of life,  the victims, family of the victims and the abusers/murders; aware that love is unconditional.  I am a  teacher.  It is in my DNA. I know that as such I must ask myself what is my lesson in all of this witnessing of self-hatred spewed upon the innocent. I remain in trust that Goddess is at the helm of all of life.  Know with me that we are catalyst for change.  We can always pray sending love from our hearts into the universe.  We can connect heart-felt love through our eyes with everyone we pass by.   We can ask within ourselves for our personal answer to the question, "What action am I to take?"


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