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Love in the Time of Corona!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Are we being asked to fall deeply in love with Self?

On March 11, the COVID-19 outbreak was characterized as a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Pandemic because it affects "all people." When imbalance has been extreme and, in fact, "pandemic," it takes extreme force to swing the pendulum back to balance.

The pendulum is in motion. Our world has been injected with a disease that attaches us to outside control causing us to forget that there is a higher authority than those of our government, the wealthy of our world, the latest gadget, our own self absorbed intentions. That "virus" has moved like wildfire and burned us globally. Burned us to the point of forgetting Truth. Burned us to the point of forgetting our intrinsic value. Burned us to the point where we have forgotten that our self is an "immortal soul that transcends the physical being." We are incarnations of the Divine. Brought into this physical realm to be its representation. Instead, we have represented egoism and avarice. We've allowed the things of the world to divide our love and disrupt our focus. Interestingly enough, this "thing" of the world has brought the opportunity for each to re-focus. Fortunately, no virus affects "all people." We have forgotten that we are created from the very fabric of the one love, the one life that is the Creator of all. Housed deep within you is an awareness of this one love. It can inhale your pain, your concerns, your wounds, your dis-ease, transmute them from within and exhale into your cells a remembrance of your peace, your freedom, your wholeness, your love, your value. We are remembering to remember to step in, to immerse and be engulfed by the Light. Know that we are never separate from it. Trust that the Light will uncover all that is happening in the shadow and peace will be restored. Who do you desire to be on the other side?

Yes, there is a recalibration going on. Allow yourself to feel transformed and encircled in the love that is your birthright. Breathe in, be in love with you. Such self-love is a demonstration of your love of Creator. The creator, which is at the helm of all. When we remember and unite with this self-love we give from our inner wellspring to the outer world. Rather than having the world out there dictate to us what is and what will be. It is then that we are able to take our rightful place as a beneficial presence in the world, even in, especially in, the time of Corona.

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