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Listen to What I'm Listening To

Week after week in the early days of Agape International Spiritual Center I heard its founding minister; Michael Bernard Beckwith; say, “Don’t listen to what I’m saying, listen to what I’m listening to.”

It was his call for us to realize that we all have an intuitive voice that guides and directs our every thought and activity if we simply give it our focus.  We are living in times that demand that we give it focus.  For too long we’ve been tossed and turned through life trying to be and do we what we should, as told to us by society, our families and our well-meaning friends.  There are no “shoulds” in Spirit.  There is simply an inner call to a higher vibration.

It is sincerely my belief that there is NOTHING more important in this adventure in humanness than the ability to listen to, and most importantly follow, intuitive guidance.  I believe this guidance is given to you, specifically.  Your guidance is not for me or for anyone else.  It is yours.  It is the way in which the Creator of Life provides opportunity for your life to be an adventure of greater joy.  We spend so much time trying to control this and that.  We have forgotten that we are not in control.  I repeat, YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL!  The Love Intelligence that created you desires to co-create as you.  This is intended to be your great joy.  It is also your responsibility.   You must allow this co-creation.  The ONLY way to do so effectively is through following inner guidance.  Creator is guiding you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  However, you must turn down the loud voices screaming for your attention in order to hear Its whisperings. 

Let’s look at it: 

It helps to be willing to believe that there is nothing that exists outside of Creative Intelligence/God/Spirit/Creator, whatever name you give to that Higher Power.  The belief that everything that you see, hear, feel, taste is the substance of God.  You know, “made in the image and likeness.”  Then lets try to wrap our heads around the idea that It has some uncanny ability to create from within It’s own substance.  We’ll call that Infinite Mind.  This Creator has the ability to move upon Itself and we are a result of It’s mental process.  It knows Itself because of our existence and desires to expand and evolve through our presence. We are each Its individualized incarnation.  It communicates It’s will as your life through the use of Mind.  Therefore, it is imperative that you are receptive to this intuitive mind.  There are messages there for you.  They are the most important messages that you receive all day; bar none!

Our intuitive knowing is Creator acting upon It’s own Mind, the only mind, to create newness.  It is the only way that creation/newness occurs because there is only God and there is nothing separate from it.  So, all of our desire to be in control is nonsensical and futile.  Desire to control comes from a belief in duality.  So, I’m calling on your willingness to believe that there is only one.  I’m asking for your willingness to believe that you and I and every living thing are in our essence the same substance as the Creative Intelligence that caused our lives.  If you truly believe that God is all in all you will give it your focus.  Don’t listen to me.  Listen from within you.  Do these words ring true for you?

We manifest our desires by having a mental equivalent of what we desire.  In other words, you cannot create what you can’t conceive of.  Therefore, if you align with inner guidance, your ability to have more of what you desire is more readily at your fingertips.  God cannot withhold from Itself, doesn’t know hurt harm or endangerment and is the All Good of Life.  We live this Life as adventure by being receptive to the Mental impressions of Creative Intelligence which is guiding Life by means of each of us.  It is our responsibility to hear and follow this guidance.  It is what we are here to do.

In Bask Within Your Light, the upcoming retreat for I Am Woman, the Women's Ministry of Agape International Spiritual Center, we will be refocusing on self-care, pampering of the Spirit. There's a component of such pampering which deals with the physical body.   However, the most important component deals with the inner workings. To pamper the spirit one must give credence to its existence as their life. Would you ignore that in which you have belief?  The most important way that we acknowledge that God is, that there is a Creative Intelligence, is by listening to its guidance and following it.  We are here in physical, human form to be the representative of this God substance, our creator. We cannot represent It if we live our lives guided by outside influence. We believe in things because someone tells us it's true.  We follow this guru, this visionary leader, that entertainer.  Yet, ask yourself, are you following the guidance given to you from the creator of your very life? It speaks to you always. Yet, you hesitate saying you're not certain if it's your intuition. I suggest you become certain. 

First you must recognize that there truly is such a thing as intuition and that you have the ability to tap into it.  Who hasn’t had a “gut” feeling about something that later proved to be accurate?  

Then begin to recount in your mind times when you’ve had the feeling, “I knew that!”   Perhaps, you knew what someone was going to say before the words came out of their mouth or who was calling on the phone before you answered.

Keep a journal of these aha moments.  You’ll begin to see a pattern.

Pay attention to the ways in which you receive your guidance.  What body part reacts?  Do you feel chills?  Does your energy field intensify?  Is it a whispering in your ear?  Perhaps, you just know and you know that you know.

Once you’ve accepted the existence of intuition and remembered times that you have tapped in begin to rely on it for your decision-making.

When beginning a workout routine to get results you stick with your practice.  If you desire to change eating habits you stay with the suggested program.

It’s no different with intuition.  If you simply think of it as exercising a muscle you must keep with the designed program…Listen and follow.

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