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Stop Whitesplaining. Please Listen!

Black America has been forced to silently listen to and adapt to Whiteness since the inception of White supremacy and the creation of race by our colonizer. It is our time to speak.


Are you simply hearing words that pass into your ears? Are you determining their meaning from the perspective of your Whiteness?

White America cannot benefit the forward movement of Black America unless you check your privilege, racism, bigotry, and bias. It lives in you even when you open your compassionate heart to the CRISIS in which Black America exists. We have a front-row seat to it, with headphones.

It is hiding in plain sight!

So when a Black person attempts to share with you what they sense and hear there is no attempt to cause you to feel guilt. It’s certainly not coming from a place of speculation. We draw on a deep well of knowledge, experience, and pain.

It is simply our time to speak and your time to listen.

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