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I Shall Not Want

I sing with the Agape International Choir in Culver City, CA.   Each month I have the privilege of singing profoundly meaningful lyrics, written by the amazing song writing team of Rickie Byars Beckwith and Michael Bernard Beckwith.  Their lyrics frequently bring tears into my eyes.  The tears demonstrate how deeply touched and moved I am when I take heed of the words and their meaning.  Recently while rehearsing, "God is My Shepherd" the line ‘I shall not want” gave me cause to reflect.

I kept replaying the line over and over in my mind, "I shall not want." I allowed it to resonate within me as I called forth an embodiment of it as my reality. I know that these words were brought to my attention for my growth and expansion because I know that it is a way through which I evolve.  I follow guidance instantly, no hesitating.  So, I asked myself, “What would it be like to have absolutely no want for anything? How does a human come to that level of enlightenment?”  I was prompted to recall the experiences I read so many years ago in the book, Mutant Message Down Under. The story recounts the experiences of an American White woman who traveled on a walkabout with Australia's Aboriginals. They left their homeland to walk for months across Australia taking with them absolutely nothing.  They walked in trust, never thinking ahead about what might be desired.  They simply witnessed the appearance of everything needed as it showed up in perfect time.  

It seems a difficult path for a human being to have no “want”.  That requires no attachments.  It requires complete Trust in the unknown.  It is the opportunity that sits in front of every human to live in alignment with the heartbeat of nature.  I imagine that plant life, the animal kingdom, the insect world all have this, “I shall not want” thing down pat.  I can’t imagine the trees that sit outside of my balcony concerned with their environment.  These trees thrive in their beauty-rain/no rain, sun/no sun.  Their magnificent appearance of thriving is present day-after-day for my personal enjoyment.  I intend to take that level of Trust on for myself realizing that it is easier said than done. 

The pathway to “I shall not want” that I have chosen is to remain in gratitude.  When I am consciously grateful I’m not “wanting” anything.  I am recognizing the good that constantly occurs.  I recount that when I listen to and follow my inner guidance my life is an adventure of tremendous joy.  I shall not want means I live in expectation of no less than good because good is the fabric of my existence. There's no thought connected to the outside world of what is needed.  What is needed, and then some, is always supplied in the instant in which it will be a benefit to my life.  I let go of any need to control, recognizing that control is not mine; never has been and never will be.  I do not have to think and want for anything. I shall not judge what appears because I trust in the Presence whose Life I represent.  My awareness is heightened because of my greater embodiment of the words of this magnificent, transformative music.  There is only One Life that lives and operates.  I have the honor and privilege of exemplifying it.  I accept that honor seriously and joyfully.  “I shall not want for anything; anything at all.”  Whew, I said it.  Okay, Goddess, I’m on it!  Guidance is moving me along the way. 

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