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"Awakening Your Intuition: A Course for White Women"

White Plants

As women, we have a unique and intuitive way of leading that can bring balance and harmony to a world that has been dominated by masculine energy for far too long and is crying out for change. When women tap into feminine energy and trust our intuition, we can create a new paradigm of leadership that is based on empathy, compassion, and collaboration, fear be damned. This collaboration between Michele and Francesca perfectly exemplifies women coming together for the greater good. Michele will assist you through your work challenges guided by her experience in recovering from workplace trauma. Francesca has coached women for many years to help them rediscover their innate power and move into leadership roles with confidence and purpose spearheaded by intuitive guidance.



Michele Simon
Workplace Trauma Coach


In the three years since experiencing a severe form of workplace trauma I have been on both a healing and discovery journey. As part of both, I shifted my social media away from the food industry "professionals" I now found boring and towards those speaking truth to power. Not only did the content of my feed shift, so did the voices. No longer was I subjected to toxic positivity mostly from white men and women, now I was learning from, and being inspired by, Black and brown women who were not afraid to speak their truths. 


While I have read countless books about racism and misogyny, I have learned far more from the every day lived experiences of these women I follow. When I started to speak out myself, I noticed a lack of support from most of the white women in my own circles. A few even asked me *not* to tag them, although we had spoken privately about sexism in our field. That's when I realized that white women, we have a problem. Why are we allowing, even expecting, those who are most marginalized to do the heavy lifting? Why are we white women remaining silent, when we are often to blame for, or at least playing an important role in, the workplace trauma that so many marginalized people experience every day?


It's time to change that. As white women, we need to heal our own traumas, so that we can join others in speaking out about injustice. That's why I was thrilled when Francesca James reached out to me to collaborate. She saw something in me that was aching to come out. To be a voice, a guide, to help other white women break free as I have. 


"I believe that we have been gifted with nothing more important than our intuitive voice."  

So, what is intuition exactly? 

It is the information that is always revealed to you without intellectual reasoning. It is the information that is yours alone meant to guide and direct your life to its highest outcomes!

It shows up in many different ways. 

You can learn to understand how it speaks to you and to interpret its messages.  These messages are intended to guide your life to a greater sense of ease. 

Allow me to teach you...

Let's grow in our ability to hear the only voice that really matters... Your inner guidance                           

"Awakening Your Intuition: A Course for White Women"

5 Saturdays



8-9:30 am PT 




With in-class practices

  • You will learn how to establish a greater trust in your inner guidance. 


  • You will more quickly access your intuition as your final authority on all decisions. 


  • You’ll learn to witness life as a guided adventure, with less worry, concern, and fear. 

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