It is so delightful to see the transformation that occurs in the individual who commits to personal growth.

I have the great joy of being a guide who assists others in remembering the truths that they have forgotten about their innate nature.  The remembrance and honoring of Truth cause personal healing to occur through dedicated focus and discipline. 


I offer Boutique Education.  I've created a special environment of intimate learning honoring the journey of each individual in the class.  These smaller more intimate classes allow a bond to form among the students and a greater depth of learning.


New class topics are continuously being created.  If you have a topic that you would like to see created in the form of a class contact me.  Let's put it together!





Resurrecting the Muse:

The Class

Woman is the Muse, indisputably powerful. Our society knows it and depends on it. It is time that woman recognizes and depends on it too. 


is intended to help you to remember that you have an intuitive voice, which is available to be your guidance system regardless of the tug from the outside world. You will reunite with it and speak from it.  It will guide and direct your life.  The world needs your inspiration. The world needs you to Resurrect The Muse!

Tapping into Intuition

Inside of everyone is guidance that speaks clearly and continuously. Ones ability to decipher Intuitive Guidance is a key factor in living a life led by Spirit. Intuition is not an intellectual process.  


It appears from a different place.  In "Tapping into Intuition" each student will receive tools to know for certain how to recognize the intuitive voice. Most importantly you will learn to follow it immediately, without hesitation, providing the opportunity for a life of great adventure and joy.


Higher Consciousness:  The Art of Meditation

We human beings are always busying ourselves trying to reach this goal; trying to accomplish this task; trying to attain enlightenment. When, in fact, all there is to do is BE STILL and know the Truth of our Being. That truth is felt at the very core. It is our essence. We feel our True essence, our nature, in the stillness. In a world filled with too much activity we each long for a more peaceful existence. We can find this place of peace through our meditative practices. In this workshop we will explore several methods of meditation ensuring that each active participant walks away with a greater willingness to practice and grow within their meditation practice.


Stepping Into Fear: 

I feel fortunate that I no longer fall under the influence of fear. I created this class because too frequently I have witnessed people who I love unnecessarily paralyzed in fear. Fear is not meant to have power over you. Fear exists to assist you in stepping into your empowerment. This class encourages its participants to step into the fear to recognize its insignificance and experience the freedom that is intended as their life.

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