September 28, 2019

We Need Each Other Presents
Looking Behind the Letter of the Law

We Need Each Other:  Conscious Conversations Between Men and Women 

We Need Each Other is a series of dialogues between men and women.  It’s objective is to encourage the realization that human beings are not intended to live in isolation.  We live in relationship with others because we need them in our lives.  Even those who trigger our impatience and, perhaps, anger provide to us an opportunity to recognize the areas in our lives that are calling forth growth in compassion, understanding, and acceptance of others.


The ultimate goal of this four-part series is to foster a greater acceptance of our differences while recognizing our Oneness.  Such acceptance encourages balanced relationships.  In order to bring balance in relationships, each individual must embrace their innate nature and value it within themselves and in others.

We Need Each Other is divided into four segments held one month apart. The month in-between gives the audience members an opportunity to put into practice what they have learned, Utilizing the same panel of men comprising various ages, ethnicities and relationship status maintains a required consistency.


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