I've been a guinea pig for health my entire adult life! 

I had an addictive personality.  Always doing the extreme.  I was addicted to sugar from childhood.  I once smoked 3 packs of cigarettes per day (who was I?!)  Vegetables were something that sat next to the meat on my plate.  In the early 70's "something" caught hold of me and turned me around.  I became a strict vegetarian and quit cigarettes cold turkey.  It was the beginning of my path of  healing, which is now my passion.


Nearly forty years ago I began teaching yoga and meditation, which assisted me in finding some degree of peace in the chaos of the corporate world.  In 1991 I was led also to become a licensed Spiritual Counselor.  In that role I assist others in knowing that there is an inner peace, a place that is unharmed, that lives within them no matter what the outer circumstances. My greatest passion is guiding others to an awareness of that place within; to that place of peace.  However, because of my driven personality, cancer found its way into my body.  My doctors were very clear that because of the healthy lifestyle before, during and after my dis-ease the certain death they predicted never came.  I am very clear that the illness occurred to guide me to a place where I would be of even greater service to others.  Inner guidance led me to the healing arts of Reflexology and Reiki.  So impressed by my healing process I became a Certified Reflexologist and Reiki Master.  I guide people into their own healing through the use of many modalities. 


I’m here to be of service to you! 

Energy healing dates back to the oldest human cultures and continues to be significant as a non-invasive method for changing the course of one's health. It is safe and painless because it simply moves the body into its own healing process from within.  Energy as medicine addresses mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual distress.  Thus, the  healing  affects the entire being, not just the part that is sick.


All of nature has a vibrational frequency.  The human body is no exception.  When the body vibrates within its optimum frequencies it is in a healthy energy state and exhibits perfect health and wellbeing.  However, everyday stress from work and relationships, eating foods that are low in nutritional content, breathing polluted air, drinking polluted water and life in general cause the body’s energy flow to be distorted.  These factors create disharmony in the state of ones health and open the door for chronic pain and disease to step in and set up camp.

Energy Healing encourages the body to pull from its own natural healing ability by opening up the flow of energy and resetting the vibrational frequency.  This clears emotional and physical blockages, de-stresses and detoxifies. It is important to know that when a symptom shows up in the physical body there was first a blockage that occurred in the Energy Body.  As the healing practitioner I channel universal energy to "balance" the energy field of my client and remove the blockages so that the client can again experience homeostasis.  To do this I use various energy healing techniques determining in your consultation which techniques are  most appropriate for your situation.

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