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Francesca recognized as a child that she is an internal being, an observer of what occurs around her, always listening inside of herself. It's nothing she was taught it's just her nature; the way she’s wired. She has taken the internal voice into every aspect of her life because her experience tells her that is where the answers live. She was successful in corporate America because the inner voice guided her to the appropriate account to call in the appropriate timing. She would actually stop and ask the Highest part of herself to conduct a meeting; to speak and to listen. No one knew what she was doing, but that's the way she operates.  Francesca considers it her honor to assist those desiring to find and follow their internal voice.

As Founding Director of I Am Woman, The Women’s Ministry of Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, CA; Francesca is assisting women in letting go of the beliefs society has ingrained in them and is guiding women to remember that they are innately empowered to heal themselves emotionally, physically and spiritually which will facilitate healing within their loved ones and society as a whole.


Francesca James is the author of Resurrecting the Muse. She says, "I believe that it is absolute Truth that there is only one vibrational Life in existence. However, so frequently it is said that men and women are the same because there is only One. In essence, this is true. However, the differences are significant and, apparently, intentional because the Creator makes no mistakes. It created humankind male and female. It is my life’s work, my passion and my great joy to explore and embrace not only what is alike, but also the differences.”


Francesca resides in Los Angeles, CA and globally facilitates retreats, workshops, and classes. She is available for speaking engagements, private retreats, and coaching.

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